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Meet Carol, Owner of Westchester's Most Unique Custom Jewelry Business
15 West 47th Street • New York, NY 10036

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About Carol:Carol’s love for the jewelry business began when she was a child and would visit her father and grandfather on the 11th floor of 66 W. 47th St. They were both hand engravers, which since the advent of high tech machinery, is a profession that no longer exists. Carol was able to see first hand the love and artistry that went into every piece. She realized, even as a young child, that this required talent, patience and, above all else, a love for the craft.Carol created Inner Expressions to design unique, hand-made fine jewelry which represents different milestones in people’s lives—pieces that are meaningful and spiritual and allow her an opportunity to give back to the community."My wish for you is to wear each piece I create with pride and in good health knowing that we are responsible for doing good deeds in this world, making the world a better one—one kind act at a time…"People are Talking ...."Less than three weeks before my wife's 50th birthday I was desperately in need of a special gift. My wife's name translates into "water lilies" and she likes discrete but fine jewelry. Carol handcrafted a water lily in white gold with a dusting of diamonds and a black pearl in the middle. My wife says it is the most beautiful thing she has ever seen and loves that it was uniquely handcrafted just for her. " Michael Gedigk