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Meet Kendra, Owner of Dragonfly Wellness Yoga Center, Best Yoga Instruction Westchester
109 Croton Avenue, Suite 205, Ossining, NY 10562

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Kendra Rossney, Owner and Founder of Dragonfly Wellness, has been a yoga practitioner for the better part of 20 years.  She received her Kripalu 200-Hour teacher certificate after taking an immersion training at the Kripalu Center in the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts.  Kendra is also a Reiki Master having received her attunements in the Usui tradition and has been a Master practitioner for over 10 years.  She incorporates Reiki into all of her yoga classes to cultivate a deeply relaxing experience during Savasana at the end of her class.

Symbolism of Dragonflies

Throughout the world, the dragonfly is a symbol of self realization and deep inner change.  Dragonflies are often seen dancing across the water which is representative of their ability to look beyond the physical and dive into the deeper meanings of this lifetime. In many cultures, dragonflies symbolize victory, happiness, and harmony.  

Dragonflies can move their bodies in all six directions with demonstrated elegance, grace, and a great deal of inner power.  As adults, Dragonflies only live from one to six months and all the while, they fly free and spread their strength and joy to all those around them.  This fact exemplifies the concept of living in the moment and taking in all the beauty that this life has to offer you for the time you have been given.     

Their beautiful iridescent wings symbolize the end of ones self-imposed and self-created illusions and a movement toward a clarity surrounding the reality of this life.  Iridescence is also believed to have magical properties that are symbolic of self discovery and the unmasking of your true and authentic self.

Mission Statement

Dragonfly Wellness Yoga Studio strives to help all of the beautiful souls in our community to find their authentic selves through compassionate self awareness, deep and meaningful self exploration, and through an acceptance of the gifts that lie within each of us.